The new trend in the world of entrepreneurship

To achieve this growth, it is essential to have a good focus on optimizing processes and key elements of the venture quickly and efficiently. It is necessary that 100% of the company’s resources are operating at maximum capacity constantly. In this regard, Juan Sansalone, CEO of the Exponential Growth Consulting Firm and creator of the Business Growth Consulting Method. Tells us that, to create the method. He was based on several Exponential Growth concepts combined with Growth Hacking. Methodologies created by large business The new trend incubators. 

Entrepreneurship and exponential growth

When we want to achieve Exponential Growth, it is key to focus on the product or service. Marketing, technology, prospecting, business industry email list management as such and on sales. In a very specific way, so that the company reaches a state where results. Arrive quickly and growth can be sustained,” says Sansalone. Although exponential growth is not something so simple to achieve due to the complexity and efforts it requires. It is worth trying since the results achieved are really interesting.

From the consulting firm Jsansalone

They point out that within their programs they managed to synthesize the methodology with what is necessary BT Leads in 6 pillars, Product, Marketing, Technology, Prospecting, Business Management and Sales, with 36 areas and 167 themes, which guarantee this growth if they are executed. with precision. According to experts, a company has to grow at a rate of 20% annually. With exponential growth, the aim is to grow between 1800% and 2500% annually.

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