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Availability hours a day If you thought that having a free virtual store was the best advantage of electronic commerce that you could get with the TiendaDA platform, you are wrong! On this platform, your virtual store will be available hours a day and the customer will be able to access it whenever they want or nee to make their purchases. You just have to worry about having your online store as complete as possible, so that users get all the information they nee to complete their purchase process.

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Your store is linke to social networks and messaging applications. Within the latest updates Nigeria Phone Number List that have been made to. The TiendaDA platform, you will discover that you now have the possibility of linking. Your online store with Facebook Shop and Instagram Shopping , which allows you to have omni-channel sales for your business. The best thing about this resource is that the platform guides you in the process of integrating your store and your networks, making your experience more rewarding. In addition to this, you can also link a WhatsApp number to your store to manage your sales when the customer requires it, this being one of the best advantages of electronic commerce that you can get.

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Person managing their business from TiendaDA Source: Pexels . You can send BT Leads automate messages and keep in touch with. Your client Among the advantages of electronic commerce that you can get on various platforms. Is that of automating the messaging of your virtual store . In the specific case of TiendaDA, automation allows the consumer. To know the status of their purchase through the online store.  Specifically when their purchase is between the following phases: Accepte: when the purchase has been. Accepte by the business and the payment methods are sent to the customer . Paid: when the payment of the order is made satisfactorily.

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