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Price. Punctuality in delivery. For this, platforms like Google or Facebook will be your greatest allies. User reviews are often effective for the SEO aspect, while also inviting other hesitant users to start the buying process. For this reason, you should opt for this type of functions within your TiendaDA virtual store . Customer giving feedback on the order Source: Pexels . Contact your client directly One of the best strategies to build customer loyalty is that of direct contact. If you know firsthand what people think and maintain fluid communication, you will learn the most common customer complaints and how to combat this inconvenience.

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To do this, you can use online chats to solve problems and inconveniences. The WhatsApp Nepal Phone Number List tool for companies will be of great help to you, as well as using resources such as the following: drifting livechat Smartsupp In addition to chats, you can opt for direct contact with the client, where contacting by phone or meeting in person are good strategies. This contact is much more personal than the previous ones, but it will also be useful as a tool for gathering information. Examples of messages to ask for feedback So that you can understand the importance of requesting feedback from your users, we leave you with some examples of strategies to build customer loyalty through the feedback resource.

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They are the following: Thank you for your first purchase! : once the user purchases BT Leads a product, it is an excellent opportunity to maintain contact and establish a sustained bond over time. Share and win (a specific product) : inviting users to share your products through social networks is an excellent strategy to retain customers and get them to promote your articles. Thanks for signing up! : Whether it’s registering for an event or on the website itself, it’s an excellent opportunity to get to know, first-hand, the first impressions of your clients regarding a specific business.

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