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March 9, 2023

For this reason, it is essential that you apply appropriate strategies to reach the customer and convince them to complete their purchase with your online store . In TiendaDA, you can present your team in the Get to know us option from the configuration of your virtual store . . Possibility of using different payment methods Another of the advantages of electronic commerce is the diversity of payment methods that you can affiliate to your virtual store according to your nees. And for you to get something extra, TiendaDA does not charge commissions and additional payments for the use of these payment gateways. Remember that the more payment systems you integrate into your store, the more chances of selling you have.

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Customers like to have different forms of payment to evaluate the one that best suits Norway Phone Number List them when making their purchases. . Your customers will be able to pay by creit card and in installments As you already know, one of the advantages of electronic commerce is that you can handle various forms of payment with which you can work in your virtual store and reach a greater number of users. In TiendaDA, there is the possibility of integrating Mercado Pago through creit cards and in turn being able to collect your sales in comfortable installments, which provides more benefits to your users and generates a higher sales rate for your business.

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Create orders manually Another of the advantages of electronic commerce that BT Leads TiendaDA has integrate is the possibility of creating orders manually through the option of Orders and Pre-orders. In these sections, you can add the items you want to the shopping cart and later: Create a purchase order: where the items that a customer wants are displaye. The link is sent to the customer: once the purchase order is generate, the generate link is sent with the details of the purchase and its products, as well as the subtotal to be paid.

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