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February 26, 2023

Spring is here, and you’ve probably noticed a lot of functionality popping up in the platform. Here’s the lowdown on the new features. Ready to give your keyword research a spring clean? Then check out the brand new Keyword Difficulty Indicator. We’ve also launched a new mobile traffic analysis tool to help you discover new mobile keyword opportunities and grow your mobile SEO strategy. To address issues, we released a new PPC currency and made a major update to our Marketing Channels functionality, so you can see a combined “ALL TRAFFIC” view of mobile and desktop let’s start.

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Keyword Difficulty Score Keyword Difficulty helps you estimate how much effort it takes to Ecuador Phone Number List rank higher for a keyword. In other words, it’s a way to numerically assess the difficulty of improving your SERP rankings. how? good question. We apply a Keyword Difficulty Score between – so you know how easy it should be to rank: – – Easy – – Medium – – Hard Keyword Difficulty Score You can use this score to quickly qualify keyword ideas and see how hard it is to rank for them. It is also very handy for identifying valuable long-tail keywords. Check out Keyword Difficulty for Mobile Traffic. It’s time to get a better idea of ​​which keywords to target for your mobile traffic.

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Pros of Telegram Ads

With Mobile Traffic , our major mobile data update, you can discover new metrics BT Leads  and drill down to mobile keyword analysis. This update improves our mobile keyword coverage and accuracy, and adds insights. For any keyword or list of keywords, you can now explore new metrics such as mobile search visits, traffic split between mobile and desktop, and more. Mobile Traffic Overview View Mobile Traffic. PPC Spend – New Currency You can now analyze your competitor’s spend in your own currency. This feature enables you to minimize external calculations and easily obtain estimates of your competitors’ PPC spend. We can now convert spend into four major currencies £, €, A, and ¥ and will be adding more currencies soon.

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