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February 26, 2023

Remember, even if a viewer skips an ad in seconds, they are 1 more likely to search for your product hello, paid and organic branded search traffic Here’s a quick chart we made that shows this in more detail: How savvy YouTube advertisers are solving the attribution problem. Here’s the head of growth at another unicorn, 100 million Grammarly, the company behind YouTube Over 100 million spent on advertising, on how YouTube ads drive click-based results and more: “YouTube is definitely a strong channel for us it does well as a direct response channel.

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It also provides a significant brand boost. We see higher overall brand Egypt Phone Number List awareness for Grammarly. We’ve seen this reflected in things like branded search, and then we can leverage that with ads and organic listings. ” – Yuriy Timen, Head of Growth, Grammarly This might be great for Grammarly, but if you’re at Found, don’t have YouTube ads yet but want to scale quickly, maybe you’re thinking: “So what?” How do I actually start scaling on YouTube? Specifically: Who are we going to target Found’s YouTube ads to? What video ads are we going to create to convert those viewers into customers? As always, the clue is in the data. Let’s dig back into Similarweb and find out… Dig into Similarweb Get Gold Part: Targeting Targeting Strategy Essentials: We’ll use Similarweb to build highly relevant, unique, and scalable custom audiences for Found’s YouTube ads.

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We’ll cover three unique use cases including a counterintuitive one that can BT Leads  be sneaky very effectively. But first, a short love letter to one of our favorite Google Ads features that is currently working great in 2019: Custom Audiences Custom Audiences. Standard targeting options that can be scaled, such as in-market and affinity segments, are becoming more and more like “red oceans.” These default options are getting more expensive as more advertisers join YouTube. Make no mistake: a broader audience like this is essential if we’re going to scale to dollars per day and beyond.

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