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February 26, 2023

Watch What Your YouTube Competitors Are Not Doing Successful video marketers have learned a lesson or two from their mistakes. You can learn from them. Start with basic video concepts until you get the hang of it. You’ll quickly see why experienced video makers avoid tricks that may seem gimmicky at first, but are often not worth the effort. It’s best to keep it simple at first to save yourself the hard work — and possibly disappointment. Tools to Apply These Competitive YouTube Analysis Tips Similarweb offers a variety of tools for building a competitive keyword strategy. We’ll go over two of the most helpful features on YouTube and how to use them.

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YouTube Keyword Generator In the Keyword Research Tool, you will select the YouTube Dominican Republic Phone Number List option. Enter any subject to receive related keywords. The tool displays all relevant keywords that generate high traffic in your industry. Yes, it really is that simple. YouTube Keyword Generator on Similarweb. Various filters allow you to drill down to keywords. Measure branded vs. non-branded terms or find long-tail keywords that you might not immediately consider. Further Reading: Doing YouTube Keyword Research and Optimization Right For example, let’s say you’re competing with Ninja Kitchen, so enter “air fryer” into the YouTube Keyword Generator. You’ll notice that keywords pointing to cooking recipes bring in the most traffic. In fact, the Ninja brand has released videos of famous chefs sharing recipes. YouTube Keyword Generator Results.

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You discovered an important aspect of Ninja’s video marketing strategy. Plus, you now know BT Leads  what your audience is looking for and what kind of video content you need to promote to get them. . Keyword Gap Tool The second tool we want to highlight is the Keyword Gap Tool, as this tool includes a video search filter. Here, you can find keywords that drive traffic to your competitors’ sites instead of yours. Using this feature, it’s easy to spot what you’ve missed. Choose an industry leader and align it with your brand. You’ll clearly see the traffic from your top performing keywords to your and competitor’s sites and how they overlap. Next, by clicking on the opportunity, you can generate a list of terms for which you are not getting any traffic but your competitors are.

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