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February 25, 2023

Another key study by Webber found that increasing retention by 100 and reducing costs by 100 increases profits. The logic behind both studies is that customers return to companies they trust, and therefore, retention drives sales. So how do you keep customers coming back? One surefire way is to use a customer loyalty program. Customer loyalty programs reward customers with free gifts, discounts, and exclusive offers. They give customers access to a “secret club” and, in turn, customers feel valued and appreciated. One example is Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program, which allows customers to sign up for recurring deliveries of products like pet food at a discounted price. Let’s look at another example from a marketing perspective. Consider the language and colors used by CocoKind in the image below. It’s powerful and alluring.

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An example of how CocoKind’s language and colors can improve Bulgaria Phone Number List conversions. Starting a loyalty program is fairly easy. You can do this through email marketing or by using off-the-shelf software options. However, you may not allow customers to enforce your program. of Retail Info Systems study participants had previously abandoned a purchase because they were forced to create an account on the seller’s website. Customers may not want to create an account for a number of valid reasons. You should offer them the benefit of making your product, but don’t force them to do so – or you could lose the sale.

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Speed ​​Up Your Website A 2010 Google study of 1,000 mobile web sessions showed BT Leads that 100 of visitors click away from a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load. Driving potential customers away from your website can have lasting effects. If you’ve given customers a bad experience in the past, they’re less likely to come back. So, how fast should your website be? Maile Ohye, a former Google employee, suggested that e-commerce retailers should speed up their websites so that they load in two seconds or less. Other experts like Pingdom and WebFX say a second or two. You can test your website speed with tools like Google PageSpeed ​​Insights, Pingdom, or GTMetrix.

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