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This growth will increase your brand’s sales, online presence and customer base. How often do strategic marketing meetings turn into bickering based on assumptions and opinions? By 2020, when businesses are inundated with digital data, you have to ask yourself why this is still happening. Everything is measurable, and decisions can and should be based on data. One reason: Teams focus too much on their data and lose context. Or, they don’t know how to put the data in the correct context. A competitive analysis report can do the trick and you’ll see how to do it, plus a free cheat sheet to make things easier let’s start.

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What is a Competitive Analysis Report? In digital marketing, you don’t know anything Cambodia Phone Number List about your competitors’ strategies until you access and analyze their data. Competitive analysis reports organize this data to inform how your competitors are performing in the market and place your brand in the context of the competitive landscape. A competitor analysis report can include insights about market share and spotlight strengths and weaknesses. Presenting this data can add valuable insights that your management will appreciate. Agencies also use such data to provide additional insights into their client reports. You can: Reveal detailed information on successful traffic sources.

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Analyze similarities and differences in audience demographics and behavior BT Leads Identify top-performing marketing channels Provide understanding of pricing structures and positioning Discover the latest industry trends Dive into competitor data and highlight them in reportsBy displaying the most important findings related to business goals or specific KPIs, you can realistically evaluate company data and performance. What is the purpose of your competitive product analysis report? Marketing reports serve two main functions: first, to record data for follow-up and evaluation, and second, to provide insights to stakeholders inside and outside the enterprise. The data you include in your reports and how you submit it can determine the outcome of future decisions. A good competitive analysis report can.

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