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Optimizing for Keywords Keywords are called keywords for a reason—they’re what bring customers to your website, so you’d better take advantage of them. The Similarweb Keyword Tool can help you with keyword research to find the best words for your website. Specifically, it shows any keyword’s traffic, cost-per-click CPC, paid traffic, organic traffic, related keywords, and the domains that are currently ranking top for that keyword. If you want to learn more about Similarweb Keyword Generator tool, read this comprehensive guide and try it yourself. The Similarweb keyword generator works on the keyword “balloon”. Then, revisit your website and add keywords to each page.

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Here are some places you can place keywords: Product category pages Product Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List titles or headers Product descriptions As alt text for product images In web page URLs In supporting blog content For example, here’s how Fossil uses the keyword “convertible backpack” “Optimizing Listings for Leather Backpacks: How Fossil optimized listings for Convertible Backpacks.” Pro tip: Don’t use more than one primary keyword per page. Otherwise, you run the risk of keyword cannibalization when multiple pages rank for the same keyword and therefore perform worse in SERPs. .Invest in high-quality product photos After optimizing the text on your website, turn your attention to your images. Product images tell customers important information about your product. They indicate quality, the purpose of the product and its ideal customer.

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Essentially, they help customers imagine what it would be like to own a BT Leads product. Naturally, you want to make that vision positive to increase conversions. To improve your photos, consider hiring a professional photographer. Or, if it’s out of your budget, dust off your camera lens and snap a nice photo in ambient light. Take multiple photos, frame other props, and snap photos of your product for the best shot. Also, make sure customers can clearly see the size and quality of your product—like this spatula photo from How To Cake It: How to Use Product Images to Boost Conversions.

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