Negative Consequences of Cancellation Culture

March 7, 2023

We will focus on the nuances: name, description, product features, and communication with market users. So, we tell you how to fill out product cards on and on to close customer questions and not violate service rules. How to write the name of the card The title of the card contains the main information about the product. From this line, the user must understand what is being sold to him. Generic Name Formula: Product Type Brand Product Name Important Features There will be no special creativity here, because the market has a clear requirement for the name: no repeate words, search phrases, advertising information, etc. can be use.

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True Retractable Mascara, For Lengthening & Separating, Black Austria Phone Numbers List ML Not True: , Massage Roller Neck, Shoulder & Back Massager Yoga & Fitness Exercise Roller Maker Roller, Purple Like on. Must be within characters. You only nee to write your own names for certain categories of products: cosmetics, toys, food, books, etc. In most cases it is automatically generate from the data specifie in the card. Like Ozon. The name can hold up to characters, so you can write a few important characteristics of your product in it. A template engine will work here too, it will create the names automatically, but you can do it manually.

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At the same time, instead of simply listing nouns in the nominative BT Leads case, it is necessary to formulate a coherent sentence. Instead, it is better to write that if the name does not conform to the rules, there are several options for the development of the event: you will not be able to create the card, moderators will reject it, or the algorithm will automatically make the name consistent with the template. There is no exact wording in the market right now, but we recommend following the rules. Algorithms work in unpreictable ways, so one day the wrong card could end up at the very bottom of the search results, or not at all.

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