Benefits of Cancellation Culture

March 7, 2023

Your product is better than the competition and in better condition; Eliminate objections from buyers Complete and reliable product descriptions minimize issues, returns and negative reviews. Creating product and content cards for the marketplace is not a minute task. It is necessary to understand the requirements of a particular online store, take professional photos, design cards and write sales text. Photographers, designers, copywriters, and marketing managers come to help sellers, but entrepreneurs often do some of the work. In this article, we’ll look at general principles that can help you create the perfect card on any platform.

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In How to Market, we tell you where to start and which online platforms Australia Phone Number List to choose to start Daily tips from digital mentors right in your Telegram! Subscription Channel Subscription How to properly design a product card: Visual content Visual content plays a leading role in the market: first we buy with our eyes, then we go to study the details inside the card. What are the possibilities and tools for creating visual effects we will explain further. Photos To make a decision to buy, users need to think carefully about the product, so Allows you to add up to images in a card, and allows you to add up to images.

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A photo session on a carpeted background on an old soapbox will not BT Leads work: you need to take high-quality photos that meet the technical requirements of a particular service against a neutral background. main photo. The main image largely determines whether users will check in or not. From the photos, it should be immediately clear what the product looks like and why it is needed. For example, if you sell bedding, put a photo of a neatly made bed on your profile picture instead of a folded sheet and duvet cover. Additional photos. Use additional images to showcase the product in detail. If you are selling clothes, be sure to shoot on the model, preferably to show the furniture, curtains, tablecloths, tableware and food in the room.

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