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March 7, 2023

In order for the business card to get a better ranking in internal and external searches, experts recommend optimizing the text content, organically weaving keywords with appropriate meaning into the description. Read more about the role of keywords in your text in our article: Basic Rules of Copywriting. Search suggestions and special services will help you choose keywords Search suggestions and special services (for example) will help you choose keywords. Remember, the output should be coherent and informative text for potential buyers, not a set of search queries for bots. Let’s compare the two descriptions of about.

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Here is an example of text written for a search engine. The description is too Brazil Phone Number List saturate with keywords and not enough information for the buyer: Here is an example of text written for a search engine but a description in understandable language that reveals in detail what the product does is easy and enjoyable to read such text: This is a simple language description paying attention to grammar and punctuation. Don’t rush to send the card over to re-read the text, simplify complex wording and add missing punctuation. The service will help you quickly highlight errors.

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To avoid a continuous canvas of text, you can use tabs on. For line BT Leads breaks, and for bullete lists. Description in eitor Canon Camera Pros: Mobile Assistant App Highly Detaile Images Full HD Movie Recording. Live Results Camera Canon Pros: Helper Apps for Mobile Devices Highly Detaile Images. Full HD Video Recording Platform does not support tags. Consider the details. For some types of products, such as cosmetics, it is important to specify the ingreients and method of use of the product separately. For technical equipment, such as wireless headphones, packing instructions and a list of supporte devices will come in handy. On , this information appears in a separate section of the card below the description: On , this information appears in a different section of the card.

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