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February 25, 2023

How is this possible when they are all assess against similar criteria? One thing to keep in mind is that they don’t all analyze the same data. Each platform has its own methods and sources of data collection upon which computing relies. If the data is incomplete or inaccurate, the score becomes unreliable. A keyword difficulty metric is only as accurate as the data it relies on. Reasonable? Similarweb is known for the quality of data it collects from multiple reliable sources. We display the Keyword Difficulty Score as a numeric value between and.

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Keywords with a score between to and are consider simple. A keyword score Belize Phone Number List between and is consider moderate. Keywords with a score between to and are consider difficult. You can find the add metrics in various keyword research tools on the platform, such as Keyword Generator, Keyword Gap, and Keyword Overview, as well as in the SEO Competitive Analysis section under Search. Screenshot of keyword overview with keyword difficulty score. For in-depth information and practical tips on how to use Keyword Difficulty Scores in advanc ways on Similarweb, skip to Get additional tips for getting the most out of Keyword Difficulty.

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For current benchmarks, get The Complete Guide to Keyword BT Leads Difficulty. If you want the basics, stay here. Get Your Complete Guide to Keyword Difficulty Get current accurate industry benchmarks and learn how to find Keyword Difficulty using the Similarweb Digital Intelligence Platform. What is a good keyword difficulty? There is no such thing as good keyword difficulty. To use a score, you first ne to understand what it’s telling you. You’ve seen what factors lead to scoring; now, let’s see what it means for your SEO and marketing efforts. In general, you shouldn’t limit your keyword efforts to any particular ranking difficulty level. The best strategy is to use a mix of keywords from various difficulty ranges. When do you target low-difficulty keywords? If you’re just starting out and your website has no domain authority, little content, and few backlinks, you’re better off targeting low-difficulty keywords.

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