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February 25, 2023

Mobile Traffic Offers: More coverage Higher accuracy New metrics Mobile Traffic . Dashboard Now Available Here are some of the new features you’ll find: Mobile Search Visits For the first time, you’ll see actual mobile traffic not just search for any keyword, including the difference between organic and paid traffic . Total mobile visits are divid into organic and paid traffic. Search Volume Split You can now see how search volume for any keyword is divid between mobile and desktop. Total searches between mobile and desktop. Traffic Allocation Get a high-level view of traffic trends and traffic shares for up to domains in easy-to-understand graphs, and get a broader view of keyword competition.

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Traffic trends and traffic shares change over time. Domain Search Benin Phone Number List Visits You can now get aggregate level mobile traffic for your keywords and see each site’s share of traffic – both in absolute numbers and percentages. The Mobile Traffic . feature shows a website’s traffic share in absolute numbers and percentages. AMP Google’s Accelerat Mobile Pages With AMP data, you can now see which sites use it, and filter the results to only show sites that have it or don’t. The Mobile Traffic feature shows which sites use AMP. We hope these features help you find new opportunities to grow your SEO strategy and gain a better understanding of your competitors.

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Looking for mobile transportation. ? Go to SEO > Keyword Analysis BT Leads Mobile Traffic. Mobile Traffic . is the latest version of the tool formerly known as “Mobile Competitors”. Currently, both are available on the platform the old one has been renam “Mobile Data”. Relat topic: Picture this: last week, your website convert leads on Wnesday, leads on Thursday, and leads on Friday. What the hell does this mean? okay? bad? neutral? Honestly, it all depends on your conversion rate. If you normally have less than one daily visitor and make a sale to one of them, your website performance in the last week will be amazing.

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