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February 26, 2023

How to do it: In Similarweb affiliate research, go to Keyword Affiliates and enter your keyword: Keyword Affiliates. After you click Find Affiliates, you’ll see a bunch of publisher URLs showing the top traffic-receiving pages for your keywords: Affiliates Based on Keyword Traffic. Get top URLs make sure they’re relevant to your offer, not just more general clickbait. Add these URLs to a new Custom Audience. Now you have a Custom Audience ! Prosperity. . Bonus – Target Noom’s Branded Keywords Build custom audiences with Noom’s branded search keywords so that people similar to those searching for Noom see Found’s ads. Why it works: Does Found want to go head-to-head with Noom.

There are always two parties

This is a great way to do it. Remember: Nearly of Noom’s search traffic comes from El Salvador Phone Number List branded keywords meaning people search for things directly related to “Noom”. As Noom spends more than . billion, which means Found can target a lot of traffic this way. Just make sure Found’s ad says exactly why Found is better than Noom – more on that in the next section. How to do it: Just search Simliarweb for all of Noom’s branded keywords. Use your highest volume brand keywords as “seed” keywords to build a custom audience. That’s it! Wrapping it up.

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OK – if you’ve been paying attention to your business, now you have four solid audiences BT Leads  to start testing. What about the actual YouTube ad itself? Let’s move on to… Part 2: Mining High-Performance YouTube Ad Content Noom spends over .1 billion on YouTube ads… What can we learn from its YouTube ads? How do we apply this to Found’s YouTube ad? Now that we’ve got some good initial positioning, let’s open up Similarweb and check out Noom’s YouTube ad to help us build the YouTube ad we’ll use to scale Found. Similarweb Competitive Research showcases Noom’s video ad. What can we learn from Noom’s YouTube ad? “Imitate first, innovate later.” Maybe you’ve heard that phrase before. Not sure who said it first, but it applies here.

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