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Pictory makes video production simple and accessible. branded videos from your long-form content using our powerful AI technology.

It’s fast and cheap, no technical knowledge or program downloads required. You can get started for free without using a credit card. 

Pictory’s simplicity and graphical options are praised by users, who see it as a better replacement for other programs. It’s helped content creators like David go from zero to ten videos a week, and it’s saved Steve hours by automatically finding the best images and movies .

Pictory’s  you to reuse content, turn scripts into impressive sales movies, turn blog pieces into compelling videos, and add automatic captions to improve accessibility. 

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Pictory has three price categories. The “Standard” subscription costs $19 per month and phone lists includes 30 movies, text-to-video projects up to 10 minutes in length, video transcription, editing, templates, music tracks , and AI voices.

The “Premium” plan includes 60 videos, longer projects, sophisticated editing, additional templates, music tracks, AI voices, voice sync, video views, Hootsuite connectivity, and bulk downloads for $39 per month . 

The “Teams” package costs $99 per month and includes all Premium features plus multiple users, more videos, longer projects, better collaboration, and customization. All options provide free trials with no credit card required.

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Synths Video is an AI-powered video creation tool that easily translates text, news articles, and blog entries into compelling YouTube videos. With over 20 pre-programmed human avatars and customizable layouts, you can quickly create professional movies.

It is ideal for news sites, affiliate sites, and anyone who wants to launch their own YouTube channel. 

Compared to using pros, AI technology handles every aspect of film creation, saving you time and money. You can optimize your videos for optimal visibility and use YouTube’s large audience to increase leads, revenue and brand BT Leads awareness with built-in YouTube integration.

With Synths Video, you can embrace the growing trend in video content and harness the power of YouTube for your business.

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