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Synths Video is an AI-powered video creation tool that easily translates text, news articles, and blog entries into compelling YouTube videos. With over 20 pre-programmed human avatars and customizable layouts, you can quickly create professional movies.

es, affiliate sites, and anyone who wants to launch their own YouTube channel. 

Compared to using pros, AI technology handles every aspect of film creation, saving you time and money. You can optimize your videos for optimal visibility and use YouTube’s large audience to increase leads, revenue and brand awareness with built-in YouTube integration.

, you can embrace the growing trend in video content and harness the power of YouTube for your business.

With Synths Video

Synths Video has a variety of pricing options to meet your needs.

The outbound calling laws YouTube Start plan is $799 per month, but you can save 50% by signing up for a lower price of $399 per month.

This package includes Video Pack 10, video production from your article content, over 40 human avatars with narration, support for 30+ languages, HD video download, automatic YouTube download, video branding, RSS support, and other features.

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HeyGen is a sophisticated video platform that allows you to make engaging physical films with customizable AI avatars without the use of cameras or crews.

You can simply make professional movies without video editing capabilities with over 100 unique and realistic avatars to choose from, as well as 300+ voices available in 40+ languages. Just choose your avatar, enter your script, and your movie will be ready in minutes. 

HeyGen is a business video production company that offers a variety of use cases such as explainer and how-to films, marketing and sales content, unique sales messages, e-learning, training and onboarding materials, and even news pieces.

Text-to-video BT Leads conversion, voice uploads for custom avatars, multi-view videos, 1080P video downloads, quick video sharing, and creative styles are all available on the platform.

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