is ideal for provides several price plans that can be adjusted to meet different demands. The free plan is ideal for one-time projects as it offers unlimited options with up to 10-minute movies and minimal features.

The Basic package, which costs $12 per month, provides simple online video editing with higher quality results and additional subtitle options.

The recommended $24-a-month Pro plan provides advanced features such as stock audio, video, and templates, as well as AI editing tools.

,  offers additional benefits for businesses such as custom templates, video analysis, and 4k video export. allows you to streamline you

The business plan

Colosseum lets you make AI movies phone lists free from text in minutes and automatically translate them into dozens of languages ​​with one click.

Choose from a variety of AI avatars and tweak their dialogue to produce compelling movies that will hold your audience’s attention.

You can turn PDFs and PowerPoint presentations into dynamic movies that aim for a smooth learning experience. Experience the power of Colossyan and simply change your training content.

Colossyan’s four-click translation tool makes localization a breeze. Instantly translate your entire video and change accents and costumes to appeal to diverse audiences.

Embedded videos are kept up-to-date, ensuring your content remains current. You can successfully reach a worldwide audience with more than 120 accessible languages. 

Which costs $59 per month

Colossyan has three pricing options. The Starter package is $28 per month ($2.8/min) and comes with a business license, 8 premium avatars, full HD resolution, and an AI Assistant.

The Pro package costs $96 per month ($2.4/min) and includes 30+ premium avatars, avatar conversations, and automatic translation into one other language. 

Unlimited video production, all premium avatars, super HD resolution, team collaboration, brand BT Leads tools, unlimited automatic translation, and a personal customer success manager are all included in the subscription Enterprise. For pricing on the Enterprise package, please contact the sales team.

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