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March 4, 2023

Introversion and extroversion are personality orientations first propos by Jung. Introversion is characteriz by the inward turning of consciousness, and extroversion is the orientation of the personality towards the outside world. Intuition is direct knowl ge that a person acquires without knowing it. In short, intuition means receiving information on a sensory and unconscious level. Humans cannot explain the source of this knowl ge. Infantile immaturity of physical or mental development and retention of characteristics inherent in previous age stages. A worldview is an individual’s system of perceptions about the world, ongoing events, and society as a whole, on which a person’s attitude toward the reality around him, his status in life, and his beliefs depend.

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Motivation is a person’s internal urge to take certain actions. Motivation is Kazakhstan Phone Number List a group of different motives that determine a person’s behavior and actions. We recommend reading Motivations and their types. You will understand the concept of motivation and understand what it is and how it affects our lives Communication is the exchange of information between two or more people. There are two types of communication Verbal Communication using words and sounds; nonverbal human interaction through gestures, posture and facial expressions. Behavior is the outward manifestation of human activity that can be observ by others. Ne is the feeling that a person lacks a certain feeling, so he feels physical or mental discomfort.

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Projection is a psychological defense mechanism. When a person unconsciously BT Leads transfers their thoughts, feelings, desires, another person. Procrastination is the tendency to postpone important events and decisions until a later date. Blog read a great article on procrastination Reflection is a process of self-knowl ge manifest in the ability to evaluate one’s own thoughts, feelings and actions. Self-esteem is a person’s evaluation of themselves, their abilities, and their place in the world of others. Self-development is continuous effort on oneself, self-improvement and self- ucation.

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