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March 4, 2023

Unlike a psychologist, he conducts a series of psychotherapy sessions to help clients make profound personal changes. Also, unlike a psychiatrist, he does not make medical diagnoses or prescribe medication. You can become a psychologist yourself by reading about psychology courses, books, and useful applications Now let’s move on to other terms, starting with the basics psychology, psychology, etc. Daily tips from digital tutors right in your Telegram! Subscribe to Channel Subscribe to General Psychology Let’s find out what is psychology, mind and mental processes. Psychology comes from the Greek soul and science, the science of the soul. Simply put, psychology is the science that studies the human mind, patterns of human behavior, and their interactions.

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It explores unconscious and conscious processes in humans and animals. The mind is an Jordan Phone Number List inner subjective world and a function of the brain by which a person reflects and interprets the reality around him. Mental processes are the manifestations of a person’s mental activity, the purpose of which is to carry out cognitive and emotional assessments of the surrounding reality. Mental processes are divided into three types Cognitive is related to knowledge of the world sensation, perception, representation, memory, attention, speech and imagination; Emotional reflects subjective attitudes towards reality mood, feeling, influence, emotion and emotional stress; Volition is associated with decision-making and managing one’s behavior volition, goal-setting, and decision-making.

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Now let’s move on to common psychology terms and what psychologists BT Leads deal with every day. Affection is a brief but intense outburst of emotion in which self-control is violated and internal energy is drained. The unconscious is a group of mental processes, states and instincts that are not consciously and controlled by a person. Unconscious examples dreams and hypnotic states. Higher mental functions are complex processes formed in life, regulated by the cerebral cortex, and originated in society. The term was first proposed by Soviet scientists and then finalized by the Russians.

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