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Personality A set of psychological attributes of a person that influences a person’s behavior and his attitude towards reality. Empathy is the ability to understand and feel the emotions of others. The ability to manage emotions, establish healthy communication, and be in a state of resourcefulness is known as emotional intelligence. We already wrote about where and how to develop emotional intelligence and why it matters in one of our articles. Age-relat psychology Developmental psychology studies the psychological characteristics of different age stages. The psychologist ne s to navigate in each of them so he can explain the many reasons why the client behaves and thinks. Accelerates accelerat physical growth and puberty.

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Leadership activities are activities in which a person maximizes his or her Kenya Phone Number List potential. In life, the main type of activity changes many times depending on the age, tasks and psychological characteristics of a person. An age crisis is a brief period characteriz by dramatic psychological changes. A person goes through various crises throughout his life newborn, early years, seven years old, adolescence, middle age, etc. Child psychology is a branch of developmental psychology that studies human development from birth to adolescence, or childhood. Mental tumors are psychological acquisitions that arise in a person over a certain period of time.

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For example, after a three-year crisis, the child gains initial independence. Sensitivity BT Leads Excessive sensitivity to certain external events. It is also known as sensitivity or simply sensitivity. Social psychology Social psychology is the study of how people behave and how they relate to each other. The terminology of the industry will help you understand the characteristics of communication between different groups. Suggestion, or suggestion, is the purposeful, unreasonable influence of one person on another person or group of people. Conflict is a conflict of motives, ne s, or desires that cannot be satisfi simultaneously.

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