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Takeaway – constantly analyze SERP feature trends in your industry and adjust your search strategy as needed. As real life changes, SERPs change accordingly, adjusting themselves to the searcher’s needs. .Looking for Large Scale Solutions for Enterprise Level Sites Topic: How Do You Optimize the World’s Largest Website? Speaker: Dan Morehead, Senior SEO Analyst, BBC The number one reason I love Dan’s talk as much as I do is that he uses Similarweb data to show that bb co.

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Uk is the UK’s leading news site  Second, undeniably, Dan reveals many of the Guatemala Phone Number List challenges of corporate SEO as he shares with his audience the different parts of the BBC website and how each one handles a different ‘world’ of content. Are you interested? Me too. One of the best examples Dan gave of how he scaled content creation and SEO was building news hub pages for every town in the UK This meant that every time someone searched for {town name + news} the BBC would show up in That SERP, plus the huge authority of the BBC, it’s also very likely to rank well. Takeaway – This is very important to us at Similarweb because we have so much data and we like to share a lot of pages with data. For example.

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Top Website Rankings for Almost the Entire Web, and Specific Site Analysis Top App BT Leads  Rankings for Android and iOS Top Browsers Market Share by Platform and Country Top Search Engines Market Share by Platform and Country Market share of mobile, desktop and tablet traffic by region Like the BBC, we are always looking for new ways to increase the amount of data we can share with the internet and, as SEOs, use it to rank for the right keywords . . Don’t Be a Content Hoarder Subject: Drowning in Content? How to deal with ‘digital hoarding’ Speaker.

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