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February 26, 2023

If you rank fast, you may become an early resource that other sites use as reference, earning you natural backlinks, and then as search volume increases, scoring that traffic. Trends – spotting trends is critical. It can help you spot new trends, identify keyword seasonality, and more. Like a new product launch – it helps you get traffic. Niche content – I really like Liraz’s definition of this as “content that solves a problem”. It doesn’t matter whether you have a website entirely dedicated to a niche audience, or a large site covering a variety of topics – you can always find and cater to a niche audience. Takeaway – I wouldn’t give away high search volume keywords, but low search volume keywords can be gold when it comes to finding the right opportunity and KPI.

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Optimizing Your Content for Readability Topic: Content Readability for SEO Speaker: Emily Honduras Phone Number List Hill, CEO, Write My Site When I create a content brief for a new blog post, I always look at my competitors’ content, check out Ranking for them, doing keyword research, and zeroing in on the length of the content to get a feel for what my post length should be – sometimes a little longer to exceed them. In her talk, Emily discusses the topic of readability and its connection to readers and SEO. She gave a very amazing statistic, saying that the readability data showed that the average reading age of the UK population was 10 years old! Not your target audience when writing BB SaaS content, is it? However, that doesn’t mean you need to simplify your content.

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What you need to do is make your content more accessible to readers and simplify the USA CEO way you write to reach as many people as possible. Here are some great tips she gives: Write shorter sentences Take one point per paragraph Arrange statistics to make sure the purpose/audience is clear Swap complex words for simpler ones Person – person, therefore – so, understand – Opinion Takeaway – when in doubt, be more joey. How to Optimize Your Content for Readability, featuring Joey from “Friends.

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