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February 26, 2023

Check out Miro’s full walkthrough here, or check out our Miro Kanban overview of this section: Body Results Episode. Create body and CTA. In the ad text, we ne to: Explain how Found is different – how it actually addresses all of the multiple factors associat with maintaining a healthy weight. Eliminate self-blame – The reason other solutions have not work in the past is because weight care/weight loss/management is a complex process with too many factors involv that most methods don’t touch. It’s not because our audience doesn’t try hard enough, etc.

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Why it Works, “It’s Not Your Fault” Here we pull two elements to explain why Found Greece Phone Number List works and why it’s different, while showing how it debunks the common “you just ne to eat less and exercise more to lose weight The concept of “: Text introduction – why it works and “it’s not your fault”. . Genes and Hormones Are the Culprits In the second element of the body, we focus more on the fact that of weight loss is determin by genes and hormones, which is beyond the reach of most other weight loss methods: Body Introduction – Genes and Hormones are to blame.

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Now that it’s clear to our audience that Found helps people achieve amazing weight loss from the BT Leads  introductory testimonial and has a unique way of delivering results to resolve any doubts let’s explain how simple and straightforward it is to actually use: Body-It what is it The process breaks down: Obtain an evaluation from one of Found’s healthcare providers. Curb your cravings with custom micine. pass : Health guide to stay healthy. Now that the audience has some background on how it works, let’s emphasize that Found does work. Time for more testimonials! Physical – Social Proof Strengthening Episode. SET EXPECTATIONS: RESULTS TIMELINES This market has heard the “lose weight fast!” promise time and time again. Found stands out by setting a realistic schule because the service really works and delivers sustainable results.

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