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No guesswork. Use the keyword generator to find more opportunities. Let’s say you’re investigating a specific keyword for which you think your company should create content, namely “cybersecurity news.” You realize the competition is tighter than expected and the difficulty score is too high. Type a term into the search bar and get a list of related keywords. Filter or sort the table by KD and find terms with lower keyword difficulty, perhaps “information security news” or “why cybersecurity news matters”. Find problematic queries or trending keywords with difficulty scores to help you plan your website’s SEO framework. Decide which trending, low-difficulty keywords to target immediately to drive instant traffic, and which high-difficulty terms are your roots.

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Filter keywords for specific score ranges Finding keywords with any level or range of India Mobile Number List Keyword Difficulty Scores is easy with Similarweb. All you need is to apply a keyword difficulty filter. Under “Any Difficulty,” select the score range you’re currently interested in. Screenshot of how to choose a keyword difficulty range. Let’s stick with the highly competitive “cybersecurity news” keyword. To find relevant low-difficulty keywords, you need to set the difficulty filter to – . Interestingly, most keywords in this range are job-related and have relatively low search volume. However, there are two alternative cybersecurity content for your information: “Cybersecurity Essentials” and “Cybersecurity Roadmap” – Bingo! Screenshots of low-difficulty keywords. Use it in your content SEO strategy.

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Instead of focusing on “cybersecurity news,” create some evergreen content and start BT Leads driving visitors to your website. Your news section needs more work. You can create general video content with current web security concerns while targeting long tail keywords at the same time. . Plan your resources and prioritize keywords You already have a keyword list. Maybe you’ve targeted them before and need to update and optimize your content. Your goal is to assess which ones are worth targeting, and whether you should pass them up. Even in PPC, this metric is useful because it lets you predict competition for your target term. Keyword difficulty lets you know which terms require more effort and which are easy. This allows you to create effective keyword combinations with varying levels of difficulty.

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