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Influencers write blog posts or social media content and are compensated for purchases from their recommendations. You don’t need to be a celebrity or public figure to take advantage of this affiliate marketing trend. In fact, most brands prefer smaller influencers. Today, most brands understand that they can greatly benefit from working with a micro-influencer—that is, an influencer with, to, followers. Today, . of influencers are micro-influencers, . are mid-level influencers , – , , and . are nano , – , followers. Influencers with fewer followers are more engaged, with nano-influencers having the highest engagement at . and the biggest influencers in the industry at Good news for you.

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Brands prefer to work with lots of small influencers rather than one big influencer. There are Italy Phone Numbers List tons of platforms and affiliate networks like eSavvy for micro and micro influencers to connect with big brands and start affiliate programs. . More Video Content Video is the most engaging type of content, and with more and more platforms specializing in video YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, affiliate marketers must leverage this medium. People would rather watch a video, story or live event than read a post. One of the biggest affiliate marketing trends for video content is live shopping. This is a social media live stream of a retailer or influencer discussing products, answering questions, and possibly offering coupons or deals during an online event.

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Maybe it’s peer pressure, the timeliness of the event, or the thrill of shopping on-site, but people BT Leads tend to buy during these events. Smart affiliate marketers will ride this trend and create engaging video content and live events. Here, it is very important to build an affiliate marketing strategy so that your video content engages and aligns with what your audience likes. You can create specific content for a niche audience and build your video social media presence. . Time to Talk Privacy and Data Security You might think that all these measures to protect user data are bad for affiliate marketers, but they also give you the opportunity to improve your marketing intelligence.

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