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February 25, 2023

So you might as well start with the centerpiece and plan from there. Identify high-value, high-difficulty keywords and develop a long-term plan to incorporate them into your content again and again. Then watch how your content climbs the SERP ladder. Screenshots of difficult keywords. Choose keywords that are always relevant to your website content. These are usually the keywords most commonly associated with a particular topic or industry. They are the roots that anchor your keyword strategy. Find Long Tail Keywords with Low SEO Difficulty Many of your initial low difficulty keywords are long tail keywords.

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Pick out the ones with the highest search volume that are most directly related to the Hong Kong Phone Numbers List root keyword. Then create content for the various terms, link them to each other, and then link them back to the root. Over time, you’ll build up an entire library of content that’s relevant to the topic and related to the difficult keywords you’ve been avoiding. Grab the low-hanging fruit first. This way, you get better ROI, allowing you to keep going until you rank for harder keywords. This can include dedicated articles for smaller target audiences or content about ephemeral trends. The benefit here is that you can target highly specific audiences with super relevant content. SERPs for long tail keywords.

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In fact, it looks like this: Cybersecurity is a difficult keyword in computer BT Leads electronics. However, if that’s what you provide, there’s no way around the term. You need to find your niche in the vast cybersecurity field and research which long-tail keywords are most promising. This might include “Why is cybersecurity important?” or “Best cybersecurity solutions in [industry]” or “The latest cyberattacks in [country]”, etc. Once you understand this concept, it becomes clear that high and low difficulty keywords always need to be placed together. Your long-tail keyword-based content supports your high-difficulty keyword landing pages. You target them both, but priority depends on other factors, such as the core of your business and brand authority. For current benchmarks, get The Complete Guide to Keyword Difficulty.

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