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February 27, 2023

She takes us from what we consider a stressful and unwelcoming work environment and presents it as happy and rewarding. Promoted Video Example Promoted Videos serve to build trust. People are often more likely to believe a third party talking about your product or service than to trust your marketing message. If customers are ready to put their face on video and clamor for a support solution, then it must make sense. . Codecademy – Life Story How Tommy Nicholas Changed His Career Through Codecademy Why do we love this video? This testimonial video puts the client in his natural home environment and tells his personal story. But he doesn’t stop there.

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The programmer also mentioned the success of his classmates and highlighted Singapore Phone Number List Codecademy’s achievements as a coding school. And if that wasn’t enough, he also describes what this kind of success means for one’s entire life. Example Educational Video . Tech Insider – How Deep Are the Oceans? Companies get creative in establishing authority and presenting themselves as experts. Areas of expertise can be very concentrated but loosely related to brands. Educational videos are similar to blogs, where companies write about topics that may be of interest to their viewers. Why does it work? This Tech Insider video could easily be part of an educational program. The level of information provided is very high and is aimed at an educated and curious readership.

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At the same time, the editing is simple enough that anyone can BT Leads understand it, and the animation is almost cartoonish. . Carlsberg Beer Academy – Why is beer foamy? You read that right Beer Academy. So why not? Why does it work? What a great idea to take a scientific approach to beer and offer customers some trivia? Carlsberg has a series of short educational videos with information that can spice up any conversation in your local pub. Guerrilla Marketing Videos We put the fun videos last. Marketers understand that today’s consumers want to be entertained.

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