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February 27, 2023

Offline marketing strategies balance entertainment in many ways, and videos help spread the fun. By shooting guerrilla marketing campaigns, brands can reach a larger audience. . Volkswagen The Fast Lane Why does it work? The video beautifully captures the fun and experimentation. The connection with Volkswagen was established only at the end. Likewise, people may be having fun watching it, but also want to see who the people behind it are, and for that, they need to stick around till the end. . CocaCola Vending Machines This brand is known for its creative and extraordinary marketing campaigns.

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This is a great example of guerrilla marketing combined with acts Singapore Phone Number List of generosity. Why does it work? Contrary to the Volkswagen example, the structure of this video is exactly the opposite. It starts by telling you how CocaCola sparks your curiosity about what’s to come. The clip uses the hidden camera concept to film people’s extreme reactions to unexpected situations. Interactive Video Example . Netflix The Call of the Wild is pure fun! Interactive videos are taking engagement to a new level. Viewers can actively change the course of the video or choose what they want to watch.

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For example, Honda made a parallel universe video where you switch from the USA CEO dark side to the light side. Fashion brands use the technology to let you select items, take a closer look, match styles or view product information. Watch this example of an interactive video from Netflix, and don’t forget to answer the phone. Now get to work! Is your creative mind bursting with ideas right now? Then it’s time to gather your thoughts. Your favorite isn’t necessarily the best video choice to achieve your goals. But if you play smart, your video marketing will grow and you will get to a point where you can create something that is purely fun. Now, evaluate your options. Investigate where viewers watch videos and how they access video content. Learn when companies use paid advertising and when they rely on organic search.

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