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February 27, 2023

Product Related Video Examples Okay, time to get your feet back on the ground. Let’s look at some simpler video marketing examples that are actually affordable and doable if you’re not already a market leader with a huge marketing budget. Product Demo Video Examples Product demo videos are usually the first type of video a company produces. They are relevant and influential for every product in any industry. . What’s so good about this video about Gorilla Mounting Tape? The video jumps right into the action, but doesn’t tell you what it’s about. See how the first sentence is designed to do one thing identify the target audience. The text overlay acts as an introduction to the product.

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The host is a regular in the neighborhood, and judging by the items in his hands, he Venezuela Phone Number List clearly likes to fix things himself. If you’re that type of person, you’ll heed his advice. This video explains in detail and succinctly what you can do with the product and how to use it. Best of all, the clip ends with a catchphrase you’ll remember. . Headspace This example is a typical product demo of the application. It starts with a pain point and quickly leads to a solution. The purpose is to demonstrate its uniqueness and highlight its strengths. What do we like about this video? This is not your typical meditation promotion using calm and steady scenes and sounds. Instead, it portrays stress and targets the need for relief. Meditation suddenly seems to be a part of everyone’s daily routine.

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IKEA The Place IKEA has a history of using a variety of video styles to USA CEO promote products, drive sales and build brand authority. This is an example of a product demo. Why is this video unique? The opening line is straightforward “We just want to inform, not sell.” It’s shorter than most product demo videos and full of features and explanations. The trick to a successful product demo is to capture the essence of what the product is accomplishing. Howto Videos Howto videos introduce a task and explain how to perform it.

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