What every online entrepreneur should know

Do you really think that if you are not able to sell manually, you will be able to sell automatically? Before knowing what you want to automate, or what you should automate, you should know how to do that process without automating it. If not, let me tell you that it will not be as effective. We can automate a large part of your online business, a large part of those tasks that you don’t like at all. But if you don’t know how to do it because you haven’t done it, or what you’ve done is wrong. If we automate it, it will be an automatic bad thing . I know it’s fucked up to accept it. But the sooner you do it, the sooner you will advance. A completely automated business is very nice, and it’s also what you are continually bombarded with on the Internet. 

Everything you do must have What every online 

What every online I know that this is something basic in digital marketing . But… You’re doing it? And not only in your global strategy, but within your ActiveCampaign account. If you send an email asking for 1000 things, no one will pay attention to you . If your automation can do 20 different things, you’re SURE to be in trouble. On the one hand, campaign shipments where you ask for a lot of things. Prioritize please . What interests you most at all times? Well, send an email that meets your interests. That is, ask for a purchase, or ask them to subscribe to your Instagram, or ask them to answer a survey. Whatever, but one thing . If you ask for more than one action in your emails you run the risk of the subscriber thinking… “Ugh, this is too much work” and doing nothing.

 Take advantage of Active Campaign 

I have been working with this tool for quite some time, for my own business and for my clients. To give you an idea of ​​the volume, most of my clients have a turnover of around €100,000 per year , and some of them even have a turnover of around BT Leads What every online €1 million . I have implemented a multitude of sales techniques in ActiveCampaignlive webinars, automatic webinars, virtual conferences, big launches, evergreen launches…) both in accounts with just 100 contacts and in accounts with more than 70,000 contacts . Thanks to the push that some of my clients have offered me and their insistence, I have created ActiveCampaign from 0 to Expert level. A training program that will take you to master ActiveCampaign in a very short time.

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