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And another philosopher like Fririch Nietzsche states that “he who has a reason to live. will almost always find a how.” As adults we have a very important role in the life project of our children. How to prepare a life project To develop a life project it is important to be clear about your objectives and goals. Do you want to know how to achieve it? Below we tell you 5 key points to get start. Conduct a self-assessment to know yourself Define your nes Act according to your nes and values Consider the social environment you are in Implement and constantly monitor your life plan Virtual Exposcience and research. With work in the areas of Mathematics. Physics and Chemistry. teams made up of 34 students from our different majors participat in an event organiz by the Department of Sciences.

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Exposcience With the aim of promoting the development of scientific and technological skills. abilities and attitudes in students . our university held the first Virtual Science Expo. where the campuses of Cajamarca. Trujillo. Los Olivos. Breña. Comas. San Juan de Lurigancho and Chorrillos participat. . “Through Expociencia we encourage business database students to use the scientific and technological research methodology appropriately to obtain appropriate responses and practical solutions to the problems in their environment.” explain Giovanna Martínez. director of the Science department. exposcience Students from the 1st. 2nd and 3rd cycles of the Civil. Industrial.

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Environmental. Business. Mining. Geological. Architecture and Design. Architecture and Urban Planning. Industrial Design. Audiovisual Communication. Communication and Journalism careers participat in this initiative. Law. Psychology. Nutrition. Administration and Marketing. International Business and Administration. Business Administration and Management and Economics. The participating BT Leads projects cover different areas and some of them are: 1) Use of plastic in the construction of houses to combat pollution in Lima. 2) Analysis of the proportional magnitudes between the vulnerable population level in the city of Tacna. and the reactions of constructions in the face of natural disasters.

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