10 Differences between Traditional and Digital Marketing

10 Differences between Traditional and Digital Marketing. Surely regular readers of this blog are completely familiar with digital marketing. What’s more, they may not even have known the pre-Google era. But there was a time when Analytics didn’t exist, we didn’t even talk about web positioning, Facebook didn’t even exist! Today we want to make a comparison and determine some of the differences between traditional marketing and current digital marketing. Also read our article on types of Marketing .

Emergence of content marketing

Emergence of content marketing. With the arrival of the Internet, the proliferation of personal blogs or YouTube channels job function email lista large volume of information began to be generated . Along with the creation of this content, queries arose in search engines. Brands responded, once again, to social behavior and took advantage of it to their advantage. This is how content marketing was born: companies began to create blogs and have been introducing all kinds of formats (images, videos, audio).

Demand and search intent

Demand and search intent. Although traditional marketing used various resources to measure demand, the way we search on the Internet today says a lot not only about the volume of demand. but also about the characteristics of the user . Although in the past we used to resort to BT Leads surveys and other studies, today user queries allow us to draw a fairly precise map of our potential customers. Regardless of whether women or men buy from us.

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