Digitas WYSIWYG is the new agency responsible for social media actions

October 9, 2023

Digitas WYSIWYG* is the new agency responsible for Social Media communication for Renault Bank , leading the strategy, creation and implementation of all its campaigns on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. This represents an expansion of the scope for the agency belonging to Publicis Groupe , which since October 2020 has been carrying out all communication campaigns, adding with this award the responsibility for its communication on social networks, both in Paid media and organic. It is present in 7 countries and has the support of RCI Banque and Services Spain.

Digitas WYSIWYG* will be responsible for communication

The new social media strategy that Digitas WYSIWYG* has developed tries to respond to the objectives of Renault Bank, through a digital category email list ecosystem where Paid media and communication through social platforms revolves around users and assets. of the brand, focusing each publication on creating new business opportunities. Renault Bank is the bank that prioritizes “the value of things” , it is the bank for those clients who understand wealth as enjoying life, values, moments. In short, Renault Bank is the bank for people who understand what new wealth means, this being the central concept on which the Social Media Communication Strategy that will be launched in the coming weeks will pivot.

In the words of Carlos Sánchez-Garrido

Client Lead of the agency and responsible for the Renault Bank account, “this award represents an important step in the integration of all BT Leads Renault Bank communication in order to achieve greater consistency in its messages and a “more optimized service to our client, in a current very changing financial context and with a lot of competition.According to the World Health Organization (WHO) , 60% of the global population is sedentary and the majority of people suffer from diseases that with just 30 minutes a day of physical activity they could avoid, such as hypertension, diabetes or even some types of cancer. Furthermore, a life without movement can lead us to insomnia or develop anxiety disorders. 

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