Actions to improve the conversion of a digital business

Actions to improve the conversion of a digital business. In April of last year, the 1st edition of PRO Marketing DAY was held , the Digital Marketing event organized by Aula CM in which great digital marketing experts shared with those present practical advice and real cases applicable to all types of digital projects. In his presentation he told us about his daily work focused on conversion.

Video with the main ideas of the presentation

Video with the main ideas of the presentation. Here you have an excerpt from Ricardo Tayar’s conference at PRO Marketing DAY. Therefore, and below a summary of the most important ideas. If you attended the event you can watch the full video with the others in the private area of ​​the congress. Ricardo defines his work as focused on improving. Therefore, the conversion of digital businesses email contact list and bases this task on 4 pillars. 1.UX and overall design. 2.Technology and development. 3.Digital analytics and neuromarketing. 4.Traffic capture.

How to understand the conversion

How to understand the conversion. Tayar suggests understanding conversion as understanding. Therefore, the business ecosystem and improving many small details. Therefore, in order to generate a considerable impact on the bottom line. When we think in terms of conversion and optimization. Therefore, we must take BT Leads into account 2 types of factors that are directly related.  Endogenous factors: The factors that the digital business itself controls and are not imposed. They are those aspects that one chooses and can control.

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