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Show the value of time in a gift card email example. Fracture marketers nailed it in this fine specimen of email marketing by reminding readers that they can stop wasting time gift-hunting and return to what thrills them. Wrap up your shopping and get back to what really matters. Further in the copy, the company addresses the benefits of this decision, reiterating just how universal their product is, how convenient digital vouchers are, Data Roll Over and how customer-oriented their 60 day replacement guarantee is.

Gift card email examples for the holiday

Stress the novelty of the service for new gift card products. This gift card email example from Uber opens the text paragraph with Starting today, which makes a reader register in their mind that it’s the option they have not been in a position to implement before but can do now. So a customer adds this idea to their mental repository of possible gift ideas for parents and friends who use Uber often. In this short paragraph, they also educate the reader about the France Phone Number Data possibility of scheduling the gift card to be sent to a receiver, which also makes a reader think in this direction right away. Re engagement campaign Gift card email example from Uber. Include a sweet free downloadable in a gift card email campaign.

Dunkin Donuts was really sweet about it

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They added an opportunity for kids and families to DIY their Mother’s Day cards by including a printable for coloring. A hand-painted DIY project made by kids is there to stay in the family for generations. So the emotional bond that the brand created here is priceless. Gift card email example from Dunkin Donuts for your next marketing campaign. Take the guesswork out of technicalities. Disney used all the right images with popular movie characters for the BT Leads target audience. But also, they made a simple 3-step graphic on how to send a gift subscription. Easing their existing clients into a purchase. Let the figures speak for themselves Data Roll Over. When you give away discounts worth a few hundred dollars. It’s OK to let the dollar amount take the central stage.

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