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Every company with a newsletter can adopt a best practice when e-gift cards are the subject of a few ever-green email marketing campaigns or part of the onboarding cadence for new customers. Even if you know the birthday date of your client, you don’t know the birthdays of their friends and family. This means that you may be missing many selling opportunities if your clients are not advised about your company’s digital card offering. So ensure there’s awareness for the product and sit Phones Have Internet tight for when it yields fruit.

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Helpful tips for successful gift card email marketing. No gift card template’s good for all businesses, but these tips will help you produce emails that attract subscribers’ attention and motivate them to act. Include your branding elements like logo, colors, and fonts to Germany Phone Number Data leverage the trust you have managed to build with your audience. Consider using some eye-catching elements in gift email design, like short videos or GIFs, for better conversion. A/B test your e-gift card email subject lines to find the best options for your audience. Mention at least one major benefit of using digital cards and state how a subscriber can save time/effort/get it right with gifting.

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Tapping into the lucrative growing market of physical gift cards and their digital alternatives is a must-have activity in a marketing strategy for 2023. Stripo offers a wide range of ready-made templates, including gift card reward email templates. What ideas are you going to be playing within your next holiday email marketing campaign? FOMO? Time-saving? Last-minute gifting opportunity? Discounts? Or just bringing awareness about e-cards and their ease of use when the time is right. This gift card email example from Uber opens the text paragraph with Starting today, which makes a reader register in their mind that it’s the option they have not been in BT Leads a position to implement before but can do now. So a customer adds this idea to their mental repository of possible gift ideas for parents and friends who use Uber often.

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