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August 28, 2023

These are just some of the holidays for which digital experts need to have gift card reward email templates ready before the occasions kick in. Now let’s see some of the elaborate conversion boosting examples of gift voucher emails. 12 Gift card email examples to inspire a winning marketing strategy in 2023. If you are looking for an email template for sending a gift card to someone. You should enjoy this hand picked collection from a range of diverse brands from eCommerce giants to Cellular Merger small indie brands.

Sell emotion through images

Words can be very powerful, but they also leave space for interpretation. Images paint the picture the way a marketer intends it to. See how Hulu Plus uses an image of a couple relaxing in front of the TV. Choosing their favorite show to sell emotion, memories, and the promise of great cozy moments that come with their subscription. They also overcome objections preventatively for their newsletter subscriber base by educating them about the Denmark Phone Number Data low-effort procedure, It’s fast and easy. The CTA button text is also unobtrusive and evokes curiosity without hard sell but inviting subscribers softly to the next step of the Cellular Merger conversion funnel.

Suggest ways how to spend a gift card

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The next example by shein is so good it could be used as a gift card. Email template for many bigger eCommerce stores with multiple product categories. See how they mix Mother’s Day activities for a great family. Pastime with the opportunity to invite their newsletter subscribers to explore Mother’s Day gifts and get the kids wanting something for their Moms. Gift cards in just a few clicks. Email example from Shein. Emphasize the key advantage of the gift cards. The freedom to choose your gift. In this bright and attention grabbing gift card email example. Virgin reminds subscribers about one of the most powerful benefits of a gift voucher the freedom to BT Leads choose what a receiver actually wants. We all have too many dust collectors presented by aunties on our shelves not to appreciate this factor.

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