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February 26, 2023

The only difference: instead of peeking at your competitors, you use data that enables accurate results and real-time monitoring. Here’s how you can perform a data-driven competitive analysis of your YouTube competitors: Gain insights into your own video marketing strategy. Find keywords to target. Discover audience interests and preferences. Measure the level of quality you need to meet and exceed. Evaluate your video marketing performance in a competitive environment. Set ambitious but realistic goals for your video marketing.

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Identify trends in video usage in your industry. Tips for Doing a Competitive Analysis on Denmark Cell Phone Number List YouTube. Using Relevant Data to Identify Top Competitors We assume that you already know your main competitors in the market. Are they also your biggest competitors on YouTube? To answer this question, let’s look at channels from another angle. In addition to being the largest video hosting platform, YouTube is also the third largest search engine. This means that when you think of “video marketing”, you also need to think of “SEO”. Look at it this way: the purpose of video is to drive quality traffic to your website. These clips act as touchpoints in your acquisition funnel. To evaluate the performance of a video channel, look at it from two perspectives: How much traffic is it receiving.

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How much traffic is it sending to your website? The YouTube leaders in your BT Leads  industry are the ones with the most traffic in both directions. They are your benchmarks. YouTube homepage. .Use Keyword Research to Identify Strong Traffic Competitors A video SEO strategy based on keyword research is critical to promoting your YouTube videos and channel. Start by identifying the top organic search terms in your industry or niche. Find out which keywords are driving the most traffic to your competitors or industry leaders. Google ranks video content on a separate SERP Search Engine Results Page; however, the keywords are the same.

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