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Use Google Features to Find SEO Keywords for Your Website The easiest way to get help from Google is to let it autocomplete what you type in the search bar. You’ll get the most commonly us terms right away, which can be very inspiring. You can use Google Trends to see what’s trending. Enter a keyword and see other relat terms and topics people are searching for. Screenshot of Google Trends results for the keyword “queen elizabeth” How to get Amazon’s keyword ideas Amazon’s search algorithm functions differently than Google’s.

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However, what people search for on Amazon also varies. Anyone who comes to the Jamaica Phone Number List huge digital marketplace intends to buy something or do a little window shopping and price comparison. This means that using keywords with informational or navigational intent will perform less well on Amazon. To find new keywords for Amazon, you can use the same method as Google: enter your main keyword in the search bar. This is even more useful on Amazon because the platform is organiz according to product categories and subcategories. When you enter a product category into the search bar, you get all subcategories. Each subcategory is your potential SEO keyword. Imagine what you could do with more data about them? How to Find New Keywords for YouTube YouTube has grown to be the second largest search engine, operating according to the Google SEO concept.

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However, in many cases, people search for video content differently. The motivation BT Leads  for watching a video is different than the motivation for searching for a term on Google. People come to YouTube for different reasons and expectations, and this is reflect in the words they use to search. There are tools that specialize in how to generate SEO keywords for video content. They are design to show the top search terms on YouTube to help you optimize your video. The most famous ones at the moment are probably VidiQ and Tube Buddy. Wait until you see what you get with Similarweb.

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