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In this case, the SERP shows the product ad, followed by the featured snippet and the person question box. Next, you can find a bunch of featured videos, and only when you scroll beyond them will you get organic results. Given the high traffic, you may still want to add some of these keywords to your SEO plan. Zeroclick searches have become a huge problem, but a keyword generator can help you meet the challenge. Find new SEO keywords and analyze performance Click on a keyword and you’ll get an overview of the keyword analysis.

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You can determine who is competing for this keyword for organic and paid search, desktop Jordan Phone Number List search and mobile search. Keyword Analysis also shows you which SERPs the generated keywords have, how many sites, which countries the searches are popular in, and which industry categories are receiving traffic for the keywords. Screenshot of a partial Similarweb Keyword Analysis Overview for “Lip Scrub Recipe” This is a partial view of a Keyword Analysis overview showing competitors and SERP features. You can drill down on each one to see features, content, and publishers. Pay Attention to Search Intent for SEO Keywords Another key ranking factor you need to consider from the start is search intent. Search intent determines the motivation for most searchers to enter a particular term.

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For example, someone entering “Samsung Flip price” might be interested in buying a BT Leads  flip phone rather than looking for instructions on how to use it. To find new SEO keywords for your blog, product pages, or video content, you need to make sure searchers are using them with the right intent. Also, check keyword difficulty to assess your chances of ranking high on SERPs. These factors can help you prioritize keywords for SEO and plan content effectively. Other tools to help you generate new SEO keywords for more Keyword Gap Tool for SEO Keyword Ideas Your competitors’ keywords are gold, and the Keyword Gap Tool helps you dig them out. Similarweb’s Keyword Gap Tool identifies keywords that drive traffic to competitor sites instead of yours.

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