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March 7, 2023

Enough time has passe since then, and it’s still not clear which social network businesses should place their major bets on. Also, now that messengers are getting more and more popular, video hosting sites have not gone away and they should also be considere as one of the channels for promoting and communicating with consumers. In this article, we’ll discuss popular social networks, instant messengers, and video hosting sites, and analyze which of them are best for promoting your business. Hide article content Business Social Networking Messenger Video Hosting Summary Business Social Networking Let’s start with an overview of social networking.

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After the Western platform was blocke, the popularity of domestic Colombia Mobile Number List services skyrockete: , classmates, , . Let’s take a closer look at the stats of these social networks. Their pros and cons for business, and tell you and yours. Contacte is one of the largest platforms. It is available in several languages, but is mostly known to Russian-speaking audiences. To promote the business, has develope its own product ecosystem: here you can create communities or groups, open an online store, launch advertising campaigns, communicate with customers via private messages and much more. Statistical data. In March, the number of visits to the site increase dramatically: 10,000 users increase every day, and 10,000 people visite within a month. In the second quarter, this trend continue: the monthly audience reache 10,000 users.

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Who is suitable is the best social network for business. Here you can sell BT Leads household items, clothes, shoes, cosmetics and more. Specialists, bloggers and service companies can also develop here: private clinics, eucational centers, beauty salons, law firms, etc. Who is not suitable. For large industrial enterprises that produce complex equipment and highly specialize goods from the field. In It is more difficult to make progress on , as such items are less frequently searche in social networks. But there’s less competition in this segment, so it’s still worth considering promoting your business from.

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