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March 7, 2023

Russian diplomas need to be translated into a foreign language and authenticated by the consulate or authorized institution of most foreign countries. It is not about participation or non-participation in the Bologna process. Recognition of diplomas is only required in countries that have relevant agreements with the Russian Federation. Among them: Azerbaijan, Albania, Belarus, Greece, Georgia, etc. A full list of countries is published on the website. what happens? The unified examination has nothing to do with the Bologna process, so there is no intention of giving it up.

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In an interview with Interfax, the person in charge pointed out that it is a Chile Phone Number List Russian test that is based on domestic educational standards and takes into account the particularities of the national education system. Therefore, there is no reason to cancel it now. What should current students and applicants do? Does it make sense to pursue a bachelor’s degree? Reform is not a lightning-quick process: It takes years to develop new standards and refine educational programs. As for the students of this year and next year, there is nothing to worry about. Guaranteed, all projects will continue to operate.

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Are awarded bachelor’s and master’s degrees still valid? No need for retraining? Documentation BT Leads will continue to work and you will not need to retrain. If you want, you can take a bachelor’s degree to work or pursue a master’s degree to gain an advanced degree and move up the career ladder. However, as noted, the criteria for entry to magistrates may soon change. The fact is that, according to the Bologna principle, a bachelor’s degree can lead to a master’s degree in any field of study, regardless of the previously acquired specialization. So, in just two years, an actor can earn a law degree and a journalist can become a psychologist. The minister stressed that this practice led to a decline in the quality of vocational training and therefore needed to be reformed.

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