Where to learn to sell on marketplaces

March 7, 2023

Tencent is also known as LinkedIn in Russia for its focus on business and promotion of experts. This is the first business social network created by domestic developers, taking into account the mentality and nuances of doing business in Russia. In it, entrepreneurs and experts will find clients, contractors and qualified employees, and read news from the business world. Statistical data. Launched in March 2010, but its popularity peaked in March 2019. In less than six months, the platform’s audience has doubled. In March 2019, the CEO announced that more than 10,000 people were registered on the social network.

A selection of courses

Months, the value of more than Billion ruble deals, many specialists and Costa Rica Phone Number List small start-ups are able to advertise their profiles for free, from zero to a few thousand subscribers. who is suitable. Freelancers, entrepreneurs and company employees. This is where you can promote your personal brand and big companies, as well as find clients and employees. Who is not suitable. For those who are looking for a platform for entertainment and informal communication, there are not so many tools on the social network yet. But here you can find colleagues and like-minded people, as well as read posts from experts that interest you advantage.

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You can sell on Yandex Market

The audience can be conditionally divided into three groups: entrepreneurs, company BT Leads employees and freelancers. Consider the benefits of each group: Entrepreneurs Company employees Freelancers Free verification of counterparties via company name, address, or personal data Public procurement services Opportunities to find and participate in bankruptcy auctions Search government facilities for sale Opportunity to publish your achievements and indicate key Skills Find new job vacancies Companies publish job opportunities in their publications; communicate with colleagues in private messages Develop personal brand through image promotion Find clients with mutual subscription Post, shoot stories and read news from the business world.

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