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Unique Visitors per Month This metric may even be more important than the number of visits. It tells you how many people visited the site in a month. If this number is too low compared to the number of visits, it may indicate that the affiliate marketer is not attracting enough new visitors. If the number is too high, no one is returning to the site, which is a bad sign. Screenshot of Average Monthly Unique Visitors Chart on Similarweb With Similarweb’s New vs. Repeat Visitors feature, you don’t have to calculate the average monthly users yourself. The tool does it for you. Audience Demographics Set the basic parameters for your target audience to ensure the affiliate audience matches yours.

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Find and Recruit High Potential Affiliates To ensure your affiliate program Oman Phone Number List achieves its goals, you may need to develop methods to support and initiate growth. Don’t count on luck and don’t pray that the right branch will show up on your doorstep. Go out and find affiliate marketers or companies with high potential and connect with them. how do you do it The secret is to access a member’s traffic data before they become yours. If you’re looking to find a partner who might be right for you, there’s no better place to start than your competition. Identify Affiliate Potential Find out who to partner with your closest competitors. Discover where they get their affiliate traffic from. Similarweb Competitor’s affiliate marketing feature does almost everything for you. From there, you can dig deeper into affiliate activity and performance.

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If they meet your expectations and you think they can do for you what they do for the BT Leads game, reach out. Screenshot of Competitor’s Affiliate Listing on Similarweb Instead of digging for a competitor’s affiliate partners, just type a competitor’s name into Similarweb and see where they get affiliate traffic from. Another way to find valuable partners is to search industry affiliates. Discover affiliate sites active in your industry and geographic area. Check out what they do and how effective their marketing campaigns are. Then find out which ones are the best for your product or brand. Use the metrics we explained above to evaluate their potential.

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