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Unusually high cashback rates are a red flag. When you identify such affiliates, take a close look at what is going on. It could also be a technical glitch. Cashback Formula New vs. Returning Customers We all want new customers and most affiliates think their job is to attract new customers. That’s great. But if those customers never come back, they don’t mean much to your business. The trick is to find the optimal ratio between new and returning visitors or users. You can define a “normal” percentage range for your business and within which your affiliates should stay. Affiliated Metrics Benchmarking Benchmarking is critical to your program’s efforts and growth.

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In general, you should keep a close eye on affiliate marketing statistics for your industry Norway Phone Number List to learn about the market leaders and understand where you stand in the field. Industry benchmarks can also help you find the best niches for affiliate marketing. Let’s take a look at the affiliate metrics that will allow you to identify the best affiliate networks and decide on the steps to take to optimize your program over time. Sales per affiliate identifies the affiliates driving the highest sales value. Benchmarking the sales each affiliate generates is an excellent way to set goals and reward high performers. Keep an eye on top partners as they are your main value drivers.

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Monitoring sales per affiliate also allows you to identify new affiliates with high BT Leads  potential. Yearoveryear growth While this metric is insightful in many ways, many league managers don’t pay enough attention to it. First, you’ll find out how your affiliate partners are growing. Just like you need to keep growing and expanding, so do they. If the number of your top memberships is stagnating year after year, you need to examine why. Compare the growth rates of your affiliate partners to see who is improving faster than the others. Affiliates that bring in less clicks or sales than your top performers but are growing faster may be the ones you want to reward and nurture.

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