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Using Google as an example, you can run a search ad, which is the most basic form of PPC advertising, and it will display your ad in the Google SERP. Shopping ads are great for eCommerce PPC. These ads target searchers with a high commercial intent meaning they are looking to buy a perfect match for the online store you wish to sell on. PPC SERP Ads Pro Tip Each ad platform has its own ad standards. You’ll design your PPC ads bas on the placements that best suit your target audience.

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Positioning for the next step? Deciding who you want to see your PPC ads is known as Portugal Phone Number List developing your targeting strategy. You can target specific keywords that people type into Google, or define an audience that is relevant to your ad. Most PPC platforms allow a lot of flexibility when it comes to targeting. You can target users by location, time of day, browsing history, and other behaviors. Bidding for PPC One of the great things about is that you get to decide your budget and how much you’re willing to pay for a click. how? When you create a PPC ad, you bid for where your ad will appear.

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This means bidding on keywords or groups of keywords that are relevant to USA CEO your ad. When an ad placement opens, the ad platform hosts an instant. Auction that includes all bids associat with that ad slot. The winning ad will be shown to the viewer, however, the advertiser only pays for the placement where the viewer clicks on the ad. Here’s a little secret. Auction winners don’t pay their highest bid they pay a penny more than the next highest bid. Your bidding strategy should aim to get the most clicks at the lowest cost. how do you do it We’ve Got There… Why Use PPC for ECommerce. Target the most relevant prospects Advertising only works with the right audience.

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