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With BB marketing, you have to be more subtle in your messaging and communicate with your audience on a more cognitive level. What you present should depend on the buyer journey stage of your target audience Awareness stage Open your eyes to the challenges they ne solutions for. Consideration Phase Offers practical advice and insights that demonstrate your uniqueness. Decision stage Indepth understanding of product features and providing case studies and customer testimonials.

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Producing HighQuality Video The video marketing space is already very Romania Phone Number List crowd. The volume of video content is driving up expectations for quality. When low or miumquality videos can receive the same content elsewhere in higher quality, they won’t be able to hold the attention of viewers. However, quality is also a matter of budget. Some video types can be creat easily and costeffectively and still be of high quality. For example, tech brands are using animat explainer videos in their video marketing campaigns rather than investing in extensive video shoots. If you decide to shoot reallife video, invest in equipment that offers great image and sound quality. Posting videos that look like amateur footage can be popular on social mia. But make no mistake, most viral amateur clips are professionally produc. No one likes watching videos with blurry images or poor sound.

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Maximum Channel Promotion In addition to distributing the video through regular BT Leads marketing channels, other promotion options should also be consider. You want maximum exposure for your video campaigns. One idea is to create short clips from longer videos and place them as trailers. You may want to write a blog post to accompany your video campaign, or provide the information as a report or other written asset. An often overlook promotion channel that works well for video marketing is employee outreach. Let your employees share video content on their social channels (make sure they align with brand values ​​when adding text.

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