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October 8, 2023

Cybercriminals are targeting small businesses more often, and this type of phishing could have a disastrous effect on a companys reputation as well as the livelihoods of customers and subscribers. According to mimecast, smbs are potential targets for brand spoofing because they often lack the email security and authentication that stop these attacks. If you care about email security, pursuing dmarc authentication and getting a bimi logo are two very smart moves. While We Prefer That being said, if you dont have basic authentication in place spf and dkim you ne to start there. Does bimi impact deliverability? The bimi email specification is not design to impact email deliverability, but it could definitely have an indirect effect.

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Heres how: email engagement: bimi could persuade more subscribers to open and engage with your messages. Thats a sign to mailbox providers that people want what youre sending. So, theyll be more likely to let you land in the inbox. Sender reputation: every mailbox provider uses its own guidelines to score the trustworthiness of domains and ip addresses that send email. Dmarc enforcement is almost certainly part of that scoring process, and so business email list it makes sense that bimi could be another positive signal. Speaking of deliverability, if this is one of your top concerns as an email marketer, youve got to check out the tools available through inboxready by sinch. They include solutions like email verifications as well as deliverability monitoring to help you keep an eye on inbox placement and more.

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Inbox placement insights report once youve got bimi up and running, you can also look for it in your email previews in email on acid to find out which mailbox providers are displaying your logo. Get more bimi email specification guidance check out our video q&a on bimi with a couple of guys who are very close to this effort. Hear from matt vernhout of email karma and marcel becker from verizon mia group in a 2021 live video chat about the ins and outs of brand indicators for message identification. Weve also BT Leads put together a special report that delves even further into bimi. It features insights from email marketing veterans as well as members of the bimi working group.

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